Elliot Mews Cattery has been specifically designed to be  small in order that we can provide excellent care and attention to every  guest.

We  have 15 pens which have been built to Feline Advisory Bureau standards. But we have gone a bit further by including features that will  make the cattery feel  like a home from home.

Each Pen has

  • a separate insulated sleeping area with thermostatically controlled underfloor heating
  • personal radio speaker
  • CCTV 
  • sheltered outdoor  run with plenty of fresh air
  • scratching post and selection of toys

Our 11 smaller pens are large enough to accommodate three cats from the same family but we intend to  use these to provide spacious accommondation for single cat and two cats families.

Our 4 larger pens have been designed to provide spacious accommodation for three and four cat families or for those who want extra space as they can accommodate up to six cats from the same family.

Every care will be taken to make the guests as happy as possible during their stay and a lot of time is given to settle in every guest.

Breakfast is served around 8am, tea at 4 pm, treats and cuddles at bedtime. Tinned, pouched or dried food is  provided and fresh water is always available.

Owners are encouraged to bring their cat’s favorite bedding and toys as this can help them settle in, however freshly laundered blankets and beds are provided.

The Pens

"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort"

James Herriot

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